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The Israel Turkey Business Council and Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ITBC) is independent NGO

that provides services that compliment those of the official government agencies.


  ITBC is dedicated to provide practical advice, support and assistance to both Israeli and Turkish business

communities. Its objective is to facilitate and accelerate bilateral trade and investments between the two countries.


  ITBC organizes professional activities geared to promote bilateral trade and enhance investment

opportunities between Israel and Turkey.


Israel Turkey Business Council and Chamber of Commerce & Industry Scope of Activities:


§  Advising Israeli companies seeking to do business with Turkey:

trade, import, export and transfer of technologies.

§  Assisting Israeli companies to establish effective contacts in Turkey.

§  Provide up-to-date business information about opportunities in Turkey.

§  Helping organize Israeli booths at professional trade shows in Turkey.

§  Running seminars, symposiums and conferences both in Israel and in Turkey.

§  Organizing trade missions and individual meetings in Turkey.

§  Hosting trade missions coming from Turkey to Israel.

§  Monitoring and publicizing trade leads for Turkish and Israeli companies looking for contacts

and opportunities in both countries.



 ITBC members companies vary in size and run the gambit of industry sectors:

agriculture, automotives, banking, high-tech, international consulting, medicine, service industries, tourism, tax & legal etc.

Our members create a strong and effective network, enabling individuals and companies

to establish and maintain business relationship.

  Company of the Year Award:

 Each year, the ITBC recognizes an Israeli company for its distinguished contribution

to bilateral business relations with Turkey.

  Contact Information:

 POBox 2619, Tel Aviv 61025 Israel

Tel: 972-3-683-6833972-3-683-6833, Fax: 972-3-683-5999


  The Free Trade Agreement Israel-Turkey 1996
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Israel Turkey Business Council & Chamber of Commerce